Tuesday, April 28, 2009

word a day#18

vapid |ˈvapid|adjectiveoffering nothing that is stimulating or challenging : tuneful but vapid musical comedies.DERIVATIVESvapidity |vaˈpidətē| |vəˈpɪdədi| |vaˈpɪdɪti| nounvapidly |ˈvøpədli| adverbORIGIN mid 17th cent. (used originally in description of drinks as [lacking in flavor] ): fromLatin vapidus.
Bonus word!
insipid |inˈsipid|adjectivelacking flavor : mugs of insipid coffee.lacking vigor or interest : many artists continued to churn out insipid, shallow works.DERIVATIVESinsipidity |ˌinsəˈpiditē| |ˈɪnsəˈpɪdədi| |-ˈpɪdɪti| nouninsipidly |1nˈsɪp1dli| adverbinsipidness |1nˈsɪp1dn1s| nounORIGIN early 17th cent.: from French insipide or late Latin insipidus, from in- ‘not’ +sapidus (see sapid ).

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