Monday, April 27, 2009

word a day#17

inevitable |inˈevitəbəl|adjectivecertain to happen; unavoidable : war was inevitable.informal so frequently experienced or seen that it is completely predictable : the inevitable letter from the bank.noun ( the inevitable)a situation that is unavoidable.DERIVATIVESinevitability |-ˌevitəˈbilitē| |1ˈnɛvədəˈbɪlədi| |1ˈnɛvtəˈbɪlədi| |-ˈbɪlɪti| nouninevitably |-blē| |1ˈnɛvədəbli| |1ˈnɛvtəbli| adverb [ sentence adverb ] : inevitably, she turned her experiences into a book.ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin inevitabilis, from in- ‘not’ + evitabilis‘avoidable’ (from evitare ‘avoid’ ).

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