Saturday, April 11, 2009


I like words. Words have meaning. They can mean different things when used in a different sentence structure. I am feeling very obtuse these days so my posts shall reflect this I think.

sil⋅ly   [sil-ee] Show IPA adjective, -li⋅er, -li⋅est, noun, plural -lies.
1. weak-minded or lacking good sense; stupid or foolish: a silly writer.
2. absurd; ridiculous; irrational: a silly idea.
3. stunned; dazed: He knocked me silly.
4. Cricket. (of a fielder or the fielder's playing position) extremely close to the batsman's wicket: silly mid off.
5. Archaic. rustic; plain; homely.
6. Archaic. weak; helpless.
7. Obsolete. lowly in rank or state; humble.
8. Informal. a silly or foolish person: Don't be such a silly.


Mick said...

me too

Rob A. said...

isn't it wonderful!