Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ship of souls?

From The Times
May 22, 2006
Warship built out of Twin Towers wreckage
In a shipyard in New Orleans, survivors of one disaster are building a monument to another.

This really messed me up. My Wife mentioned she got an email about this a while ago and it disturbed her as well. I thought it was another one of those hoaxes like Mars is going to be bigger that the Moon this month.

But this is real. I understand the desire to name a warship after a tragic moment in a countries history. There are loads of examples of this.

What really gets my goat is the use of the metal from a mass grave to build just another weapon of war.

I have stated before that I am not by any means a religious person. If one has to label one's self then I would be a Humanist.
But this just smacks me as wrong. I understand also that there was a lot of scrap metal that was removed from the site and something had to be done with it but come on, do you think the Government could have come up with a more poignant use of the metal? Like building a hospital or something? Or a hospital ship?

Coming to New York this November.

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