Monday, September 25, 2006

OIAF after action report

Man I'm beat. Took the day off work to rest. Too many films, not enough food and sleep. I decided not to go the closing awards and screening of the winners. I wanted to list the ones that I really liked before I knew what was official and besides I always get an emotional crash on the last day. It's the lack of sleep thing.
There was a huge turn out this year. Most of the screenings were packed. I've noticed that every year seems to bring a larger and younger crowd. Lots of students from all over North America.

Wednesday night was the screening of Allegro Non Troppo
Great to see it on the big screen. Mr. Bozzetto was there to present it too.
Being the 30th anniversary The festival decided to randomly show signal films from the past. Some were fun to see again but the ones from the late 70's were bizarre.
Screening #1. Some neat stuff from high school students. The Mind of an Animator. Another high school one called Check was really good.
My fav for the evening was called Carlitopolis from France. Worth seeing.
My least favorite was The Doctor(El Doctor). It was very hard to sit through. For me it was the subject matter and the story.
Missed competition #2....
#3 Worth seeing and I hope it wins is A painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process(In Less Than 60 Seconds). Rabbit by Run Wrake is worth checking out.
# 4. The Possum. Really funny. Great use of the pregnant pause.
# 5. Game over by Pes. For any of you old Atari fans you will get a kick out of it.

The parties were fun. Got to meet some bloggers that I have been following for some time now. Ward Jenkins from Atlanta. Great guy. John Martz of Very talented illustrator and designer.
Got to hang out with Rob Coleman and a bunch of recruiters from Lucasfilm Animation plus meet and greets with Disney, Mainframe, Studio B, BlueSky, Nerd Corps and Laika Studios. They all now have my demo reel and CV. We shall see what happens from there.

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