Friday, September 22, 2006

Anim Fest

Just a quick note to say the Fest is going great. Seen two short competitions and two features so far plus lots of old friends and a bunch of new ones.
funniest film I've seen so far is Game Over. A stop motion short using household stuff to mimic games like frogger and packman. Really well done.
The film The Book of the Dead is worth checking out. Stop motion Japanese puppets. They are between the gods and people . The story, I think, was written a very long time ago. It takes place in 8th century Japan when Buddhism was becoming popular.
Today is the animators picnic so I expect to get drunk and say something stupid to someone. It's a hobby!
I think on Monday I will try and do a breakdown of my fav moments and put up lots of pictures.

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Michael Valiquette said...

Good seeing you tonight Rob, sorry we didn't get to catch up.