Sunday, September 25, 2005

More festival picks

Well, here are some more pics. I'm really beat and decided not to go to the closing ceremonies tonight. I saw some awesome films this week and met some great people.
This first shot is the Disney booth. They really pulled out the stops this year. No expense was spared for their awe inspiring booth.... Funny, they complained they weren't getting very many portrfolios.

My first beer at the Animators picnic. Didn't take a pic of my last due to me being unable to focus.

A candid moment with Chris, the Creative Director of the fest. Apparently the chilly was good.

What the!

That wasn't there last year! Why didn't someone tell me the Martians were coming!
No, sorry. Just a giant spider

The many participants anxiously waiting for the film to start. Don't worry at 10 minutes to show time you couldn't find a seat!

This strange creature was on stage while we were waiting for the Jerry Beck show " worst cartoons ever", thankfully which there were none that I had worked on.

My lord it was scary when the blue creature started to morph. I couldn't take the pic fast enough sadly.

There were only a few close friends that decided to show up!

A Lawrence Welk moment as bubbles started to fall from the sky. At this point I decided I had had enough to drink.....

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