Thursday, September 22, 2005

Animation fest day 1

Day one.
Went to the first screenings. The feature was a film called Frank and Wendy. Estonian and very strange. not sure if I liked it. Felt more like a bunch of inside jokes strung together. Very political and anti-American. I get a little tired of films like that.
The first competition screenings were all great, even the film scratch stuff. Don't have the guide in front of me and I can't remember the film names. i think this weekend I will post my favorites and see how close I am to the jury.

Got to meet Jerry Beck of Cartoon brew fame. Really nice guy!
The opening party was at Suite 34 in the market. Nice location. They even kept the music down so people could talk!

Here is a view from the rooftop.

It was sort of strange at the party. There were a couple of old faces I recognized but oddly no one from Ottawa. It was three floors so I might have missed someone. Got to meet a bunch of people from out of town. Lots of great conversation. Huge turn out though.
Didn't get home till 2 A.M. I think tonight may be an early one. Need to build up my stamina for the weekend and the Animators picnic.
Tonight more screenings!

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