Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some GDC pictures

GDC was an absolute blast. 

The view from the Hotel.

The world of video game making is one that I am learning more and more about with each passing day! I have fond memories as a 12 year old geek trying to write programs on the old TI 99. Much different now.

At least as far as processing power goes. While games have become far more complex in execution I find that the fundamentals of good game play probably has not changed since we first started throwing sticks.

Much of my time was spent in the Social games summits.
Much discussion was had about the growing influence of Facebook and other networks. These being realms where the idea of a virtual board game played amongst friends is becoming the next big thing.

Interesting fact: There are over 1.8 billion internet users around the globe. Only 400 million of these are on Facebook at the moment. But 50% of these play some form of social game on a weekly basis. That's 200 million players. Even the best selling console game is only a fraction of this number.
Of course game complexity and quality are not the same but the fundamental game concepts and mechanics can be very similar.

It was a profoundly informative trip as well as amazingly fun. I must go back next year and hopefully I will have a game or two under my belt as well.

The beginning of 3D

And some tourist pictures. Or pictures of tourists.

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