Saturday, January 30, 2010

Game Jam game on!

I might be a little insane but I decided to get involved in the Global Game Jam this year. 35 countries are involved with folks trying to make a game in 48 hours. Less than that really. We had a late start due to some technical difficulties last night but we got the theme and constraints from the organizer around 7.
I had spent the previous 3 hours getting to know the other folks involved and getting involved in a small team. Our team is a programmer, 2 artists that work in 3D, 1 that works in flash as well as graphic design and myself. I have taken up the role of sound design for the weekend.
We stayed up quite late last night working on a concept that fell within the theme. We are quite pleased at the moment at least but things can change!
The theme? Deception.
The constraints? loot, boot or chute.
We stayed up late and hammered out an idea that we are going to prototype this morning and hope it works. prototype, prototype!

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