Sunday, November 08, 2009

Great scam email.

I find it interesting that the only email address I get spam on ( I have 4 ) is the email that Aliant gave me. Is Aliant selling my info or are they just really bad at protecting their clients privacy?

My contentment is that I have just concluded what my heart desires most, the
internet has made the world a Global Village where anybody can reached even if
we have never met before, so do not be surprise with the content in my mail
because I have been directed by the good lord to do this am directly written
this message to you. I come in peace and something positive will affect your
life and the lives of others for good.
I am Judith Mendo , 87 Years old dying widow and the wife of Late Sir Carlos
Mendo who died in a Plane crash on Monday the 7th of September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK
while flying from New York to Geneva. You may confirm this from this link

After the death of my husband, I headed our joint business and now that I am
old, weak and sick, I have decided to spend the rest of my life with my family
and relatives whom I never had time for during my active business life, for over
two years I have been hospitalized because I am suffering from a terminal
ailment (cancer), according to medical expert I am not going to survive it and I
might die within 2 weeks from today.
I have decided to use the last days of my life to disburse part of my resources
as selfless service to humanity and you happen to be the lucky beneficiary of my
last WILL because I have already given almost all of my resources to my
relatives and other people that I do not even know. Irrespective of your
previous financial status; I need you to do me a favor by accepting this offer.
I am sorry that you might not be able to communicate with me again because of my
health situation, and very soon I will be going for an operation and I pray to
survive it.

I have mandated and given full authority to the financial director of the
financial institution (bank) to register my entire 5,800,000.00 British Pounds
in your name and release to you as my sole beneficiary.
You are to contact the financial director through his contact details below for
immediate registration and release of the funds to you:
Contact Person: Mark Anderson
Email Address:
The financial institution will only register the funds in your name and give
full attention to you if the below is correctly submitted.
Your Full Names:
Your direct telephone number:
Your complete postal address:
Account Holder: Judith Mendo
Account Number: 47 82 93 56
Account PIN: 186F
Account Balance: 5,800,000.00 British Pounds

If I do not write to you again do note that I did not survive the operation, all
further correspondences should be between you and the financial institution.
Mrs. Judith Mendo


Jeff said...

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for posting some tips for painting on acetate. You posted them about 5 years ago, so you may not remember, but I have a feeling they'll be very useful to me in a project I am starting.


Rob A. said...

Hi Jeff!
Goodness no I don't remember! Let me know if there are any other "old School" tips you might be looking for!