Thursday, May 21, 2009

In search of

I have been working away on a new editing exercise. I am calling this one "food for America". At least it is a working title.
I go to for all my footage but am always on the lookout for new sources of open source footage. Does anyone have any links they may have found?
For this latest project I am trying to hunt down footage of farm animals and the process of turning said animals into edible products. As well as shots of chemical companies doing their thing.
Yes it has a bit of a political bent to it but it will be fun to watch too!

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Suzanne Marsden said...

Trick and Noy might be able to turn you onto some archived stuff (maybe?) Hope the project works out man!
Hey congrats on the new tiller btw... don't go crazy and plough up the whole backyard eh! :-D