Thursday, April 30, 2009

word a day#20

I think this will be the last one for a bit. Tomorrow is Beltane and I don't want to screw with Pagan Gods

Here goes:

end |end|noun1 a final part of something, esp. a period of time, an activity, or a story : the end of the year |Mario led the race from beginning to end.a termination of a state or situation : the party called for an end to violence | one notice will be effective to bring the tenancy to an end.used to emphasize that something, typically a subject of discussion, is considered finished : you will go to church and that's the end of it.death or ruin : if she’s caught stealing again, it will be the end of her career.archaic (in biblical use) an ultimate state or condition : the end of that man is peace.2 the furthest or most extreme part or point of something : a length of wire with a hook at the end | [as adj. ] the end house.a small piece that is left after something has been used : a box of candle ends.a specified extreme point on a scale : homebuyers at the lower end of the market.the part or share of an activity with which someone is concerned : you're going to honor your end of the deal.a place that is linked to another by a telephone call, letter, or journey : “Hello,” said avoice at the other end.the part of an athletic field or court defended by one team or player.3 a goal or result that one seeks to achieve : each would use the other to further his own ends |to this end, schools were set up for peasant women.4 Lawn Bowling & Curling a session of play in one particular direction across the playing area.5 Football an offensive or defensive lineman positioned nearest to the sideline.verbcome or bring to a final point; finish : [ intrans. ] when the war ended, policy changed | the chapterends with a case study | [ trans. ] she wanted to end the relationship.[ intrans. ] reach a point and go no further : the boundary where agnosticism ends and atheism begins.[ intrans. ] perform a final act : the man ended by attacking a police officer.[ intrans. ] ( end in) have as its final part, point, or result : one in three marriages is now likely to end in divorce.[ intrans. ] ( end up) eventually reach or come to a specified place, state, or course of action : I ended up in Connecticut | you could end up with a higher income.

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