Monday, April 20, 2009

word a day#10

perspicuous |pərˈspikyoōwəs|adjective formal(of an account or representation) clearly expressed and easily understood; lucid : it provides simpler and more perspicuous explanations than its rivals.(of a person) able to give an account or express an idea clearly.DERIVATIVESperspicuity |ˌpərspiˈkyoōitē| |ˈpərspəˈkjuədi| |-ˈkjuːɪti| nounperspicuously |pərˈspɪkjəwəsli| adverbORIGIN late 15th cent. (in the sense [transparent] ): from Latin perspicuus ‘transparent, clear’ (from the verb perspicere ‘look at closely’ ) + -ous .

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