Tuesday, September 09, 2008


In less than 24 hours we may see our understanding of the universe change!
The biggest particle accelerator ever built goes online. I know that I have ranted about this before but this is a big deal. This is a huge joint project involving countries from all over the world and they all spent piles of money on an experiment that is NOT a bomb. I think that in itself is news worthy.
But seriously there are moments in history where something is invented or discovered that will shape the world to come. I believe that this is one of those moments.


Jason McArthur said...

does this this mean that one day soon we will see a light saber,hmmmmm

Woo hooo

nah man truly groovy
"something is invented or discovered that will shape the world to come"

you said it, glad to read about it man, thanks for the heads up


michael valiquette said...

I read a lot of build up to this, but haven't seen much since it went online. What happened?

Rob A. said...

The first tests have been successful.
They started by guiding some particles down the pipe and have got it to go where they wanted it to. They start actual collisions in about a month!

Mick said...

sorry to piss on the chips but the thing broke down already