Friday, March 14, 2008

New top 7 sins from the Pope!

Now I know that we have officially arrived into the 21st century.

The Vatican has released a new set of 7 deadly sins updated for our times.

I do hope that the hypocrisies and irony of these are not lost on you who is reading this.....

the Vatican newspaper published an interview with Bishop Gianfranco Girotti (head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, the Vatican body which oversees confessions and plenary indulgences), in which he listed seven modern social sins.[3] [4] These "social" sins were given as follows: So as long as you make less than the Vatican:
In 1994, the audit listed:
- 1,483 billion lire in assets [About $848 million]: -
- 732 billion lire [about $419 million] in liabilities (in the
"Consolidated Financial Statements of the Holy See" (410 billion in
cash, 479 billion in stocks and bonds, 29 billion in gold, and 470
billion in fixed assets - investments and real-estate) . 269 billion
lire are in deposits and accounts of Vatican entities, 96 billion for
employees' severance indemnities and 262 billion at the value of
pensions to present employees;
- 750 billion are in net assets [$430 million].

You should be OK for at least one of these.

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