Tuesday, April 17, 2007


All is well. We found the little thing sleeping in a rolled up carpet in the basement. It would seem that our older cat, Effie May, feels very protective of it now. We catch her looking into the cage periodically and if she doesn't see movement she gives it a little rattle. Of course by some this may be seen as cruel but I will side with George W on this one.

We got a new hamster from the neighbours last week. Came home yesterday to discover it had escaped sometime the night before.
We are pretty sure it made it to the basement, I'm sure with the encouragement of our cats.
Does anybody know a good way to catch hamsters?
I have put food down there and bites were taken.


Eifriger said...

You may want to try a humane live trap on the little feller... I think the Humane Soc. has these (& possibly the hardware store..)

We always just used to lie in wait and listen..evenings are good. You will hear scratching and stuff like that.. then NAB IT! :-)

Good luck!

I actually had an escaped hammy return late at night.. crawled up onto my bed & snuggled my neck. Quite a shock I can tell you!

(PS-- cats are great at tracking hammies.. but you have to weigh the danger against potential usefulness here..)

Eifriger said...

Glad that your hammie is UNLOST! great news :-)