Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Memories in time

For some reason there is a memory from my childhood that seems to have never faded.

I grew up in a small community in New Brunswick called Hopewell Cape. We had about 9 acres of land. Half or more was forested and it was surrounded by the same. Lots of little farms just off of the old two lane highway.
At the age of 5 or 6 my friends and I would wander off into the back 40 as it were and play all sorts of adventures and not see another living sole all day.
One area in particular was a thick pine needle forest. The branches of the trees would not go below my head so the tree trucks stood about 4 feet high.
I remember standing in this forest one day and only hearing the sound of wind in the trees. No planes. No cars. No people. Just the sound of wind and the occasional cracking tree branch. I remember stopping and being completely dumbfounded by it all and staring off in all directions and seeing nothing but trees.
Whenever I get stressed this image pops into my head unbidden and the sounds of the world around me shrinks.


Terry said...

Hey there Rob,

Very cool Blog you have here! Coincidentally, I also grew up in New Brunswick - Chatham to be exact, and the little pic of the restaurant on my site is My grandfathers place (that I'm planning on re-visiting this summer). Small world ,eh ? I'm still figuring out all the blog stuff like linking up to other sites but it would be great to get linked up to yours. I'll work on figuring it out.


Candace Steeves said...

That sounds so great Rob. Makes me think of mom and dad's place. Livia loves to go in the back woods, and it's so quiet out there. I especially like it in the winter. Merle and Liv are there right now. Merle took a few days off and just the two of them went down for a visit. lucky them.
I have Nick staying with me for a while. It's good to see him.