Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free Books!

Archive (dot) org has public domain books as well. This on was illustrated by Gustave Dore in 1866

This is around page 20 and is from the tale called The Sleeping Beauty. Haven't read it yet but I can bet it's no Disney telling! These drawings are amazing.


Eifriger said...

That looks readlly interesting Rob; I'll have to go poke around in the old book section online ;-) I love the Dore artwork too.. I remember giving Ron Huse a Dore book for his bday one year..and very covetous of it really! Beautiful, haunting, inspiring work.

Say, thanks for the swell game Fri. night at Keith's ; totally rocked! Hurray for RPGin' in a sort've historical bg. Much fun :-)

Doc Savageland said...

Thanks man! I'd love to get a book illustrated by Doret! Did you know his art was the main inspiration for the original King Kong's production design?