Sunday, January 21, 2007

WW2 Propoganda; Blitz Wolf

Directed by Tex Avery!
If you haven't seen it. Watch it now!


Eifriger said...

Wooowwwwww....!!! Fabulous animation; man, can't get away with stuff like that these days can ya? :-) Thanks for posting it Roberto; I find it inspiring to say the least. That one shot of Adolf doing the 360 with his feet coming right at you.. not Flash compatible really ;-)
Nighty night..

Doc Savageland said...

Really cool and funny!! Thanks for finding this cartoon. Now that's animation I can watch!

Coincidentally, I should lend you a copy of Cartoons Go To War. It's a documentary that was on the CBC a year or two ago on the subject of cartoon just like this one. Really funny stuff.

Rob A. said...

Thanks you two. I love propoganda and animation so its nice when the two things combine.
Mr. Doc. I have seen that documentary and it is fun. I would love to see it again.