Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I took the Blue pill

And decided to stay in the Matrix
Got to the dentist this morning to complete my root canal. Just the words sound nasty. Took two little blue pills and sat around for a bit till the world started to act in strange ways. Then they hooked my up to the Nitrous oxide and I breathed that in for an hour or so. Plus another 5 shots of mylacain... I was and am feeling no pain.
On a brighter note.
After months of waiting I will yet again enter the realm of Production Manager. This time at PIP, where I have been editing for the past year. This contract will be a year long and yes, I am looking forward to it.
The show has been on the air for 5 seasons having been animated in China and we have proven to the client that we can do the show here in digital and make their life a wonderfully peaceful thing!
The new show is called Cyberchase for WNET out of New York.
I will continue to explore my personal editing projects and build my knowledge and skills in that area.
Production Managing is something a really enjoy doing but I have discovered that editing is something that a HAVE to do. If I can get paid to do it all the better but right now I just need to make sure I give myself the time to explore and experiment with it as often as I can.


Doc Savageland said...

I'm glad for you man! For all things, that they broke out the horse tranquilzers for you, that you are moving up at PIP, and that you have found your calling.

Half of getting successful in any job is finding your collaborators, because we go nowhere alone. If I ever get something to edit, you're the than. When it comes to editing, I think you are better at it, and know more about it than I.

michael valiquette said...

Congrats Rob. A full year of paychecks makes for many a good night's sleep.

Rob A. said...

Thanks guys. tis true the money helps!
I'm hoping I will get to go to some more festivals this year bexause of it. The Ottawa one for sure but there is one in Portland that I would love to go to as well.

Eifriger said...

Awesome Rob--congrats on securing Production Manager work for a whole year *hurray*! Also, drugs are good. I am going to be requesting lots of drugs for my next tooth date with my dentist guy... Sorry if I'm incoherent.. over-time at work taking its toll :-() oooog....

Steph said...

cyberchase is one of liv's fav cartoons! soon you'll have the "power of one, two, three, four".
Hacker's so evil.

Rob A. said...

Thanks all.
Elfriger. I hope the tooth thing went well?
Steph! Nice to hear from you. Give the girls a kiss! We shall do our best to thwart hacker in his evil plans!