Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bathtime in Clerkenwell

I'm not sure if I had posted this before. Love this tune!

Just got back from the dentist and my 2 hour root canal. After 8 injections of something called mylacain( twice as strong as Lydacain) they were only able to get it half done. I was still feeling it everytime they touched the nerve. They gave me a temp filling and I go back in 7 days.
I think its because I have declared myself a fallen budhist. Karma has it out for me. I did get some nifty dope called endocet or something.

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Eifriger said...

Too funny! I'd forgotten you'd shown this to us Robbie! It was super watching it again.. twice ;-))) I'm totally going to be the dude in the bath tomorrow am... I'm still up and I have overtime to do tomorrow!! ACK. Oh well.. doopee doot dootee doot! Now if only my pets would play trumpets and help me get up in the morning. Oh wait; Arlo does!