Friday, October 27, 2006


My latest personal project seems to have become a beast. My first attempt at playing with found footage was fun and I kept it pretty simple. I wanted to play with cutting only. This new one I am calling Persistence of influence. I started off by discovering a pile of great footage on concerning the mechanics of motion picture cameras and quickly noticed that many of them were thinly veiled adds for cars and such. Now I have always disliked the world of advertising so I thought this might be a bit fun. Use this old working of a film camera footage and cut it into as many commercials as I could find. Start it all subtle like so the viewer thinks they are just watching a film history thing and then slowly build it into a crescendo of images centered around car adds. Sounds simple enough? Now I find myself getting caught up in creating all sorts of mixed media sequences and going from Final Cut to After effects and Photoshop. Maybe when I get one sequence done I will put it on youtube for people to comment on. Unlike a drawing it is a little difficult to show you any progress. Maybe I'll try and be more lucid in my editing theory behind it!
If any one knows another source of found footage let me know.

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Michael Valiquette said...

This sounds really cool. Looking forward to a peek.