Monday, June 05, 2006

Cartoons Cartoons

There are days where I'm glad I work in animation. Yes they are far and few between but non the less.
I've been doing one of my favorite jobs since April. Timing for the show Carl Squared. The producers seem quite happy with my work as do the director and assistant director. My job is a bit easier than some. I'm not required to cut the show to length. I get to time everything that was boarded and time each scene to the length I think it should be. That's fun because the shows usually end up long and I get to make some suggested cuts and things. So far all the scripts have been long. 34 pages as opposed to the usual 28 for an episode. It's fun to try and "boil down" to the main essence of the show and hope you are left with something that is funny. It's been great because my timing is generally left as is on a per scene basis and the director and A.D. get to jiggle it around.
It's also good to work on a show that the audience seems to like. In the top 5 ratings on Teletoon. Most of the stuff I've worked on as of late isn't broadcast in Canada or just stays in the development stage or is....... not very good....

The studio has a strong team as well and everyone gets along. That is a huge plus for me. Cartoons are supposed to be fun. When you dread going into work it's time to re-think your situation.

No A-holes aloud!

n. Vulgar Slang
  1. The anus.
  2. A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
  3. The most miserable or undesirable place in a particular area.
That was used for a production bible that a friend and I wrote some time ago.


Cog in the Gov't Machine said...

"When you dread going into work it's time to re-think your situation."

No truer words hath ever been spake.

Rob A. said...

So spaketh us all!