Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Animation Show

When I saw this I almost fell out of my chair from laughter. Two really funny guys going crazy with clouds!


Doc Savageland said...

Oh god that Don Hertzfeldt is hilarious. I still get a kick out of his previous work Rejected. I have to get a copy of his work.

Candace Steeves said...

That was so great!!! I laughed so hard I think my co-workers think I'm crazy. I liked the part where he turned into an egg. And the fact that they didn't have on any pants.
Ha Ha.

Eifriger said...

Sue: I want to go to the Lobby....

Clay: Now I know what being on acid feels like!

Sue: Animation is FUN!! :-D Thanks for sharing Rob. My G*d I love those little happy faces.. so cute & innocent, and crushed into goo.. yayyy!! :-))))))

Clay: Yes Animation really is a serious artform, used for-- OH GOD ROBOTS!!!!