Sunday, May 07, 2006

Where are they now?

Reading some old comics today and re-discovered this add. I wonder if they ever got any good ideas. Did they make any money? Are they still around?
They now seem to be some bizarre stock trading company that gauges its sale ability by the length of candles!

Here is an excerpt:

If one of the three confirmation criteria is not fulfilled, or in case of a white candlestick or a doji on the confirmation day, the SELL-IF alert remains valid, however, without confirmation and the three confirmation criteria are then sought in the following day. The only exception is the long white candlestick. Any white candlestick following a SELL-IF alert makes the signal void and invalid.

Today a Black Closing Marubozu was formed. This shows that the day opened and then prices initially went up but then they reversed direction moving below the opening level and finally closing at the low of the day.

The last two candlesticks formed a Bearish Dark Cloud Cover Pattern . This is a bearish reversal pattern that marks a potential change in trend. Though it is highly reliable confirmation is still recommended.

I knew economists were insane but what the f.....?

" Hey, this kid sent in an idea about judging stocks using black and white candles"
" F**ng brilliant!!. This is going to make us millions!"

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