Tuesday, March 21, 2006


More on the space theme this week. There is a really cool program you can download for PC or MAC called Celestia. It's like your very own virtual tour of the known universe! This site has extra bits that you can add. The worlds of Babylon five for instance!


Eifriger said...

That is totally cool! I wanna play with it :-) I'll have to wait til tomorrow when I'm more awake tho'.

Doc Savageland said...

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. On the surface it looks very thorough, but they seem to have missed a major galactic landmark:

THe Restaurant at the End of the Universe...

Candace Steeves said...

That kinda reminds me of that big white thing that merle has, you know it used to be yours? was it for micronauts? It's pretty cool looking!

Oh yeah, I wanted to thank you for the phone messages for my birthday. (on mom's, merle's and my phone) we were all out celebrating. I posted a few pictures on my blog. check it out if you have time.

Candace Steeves said...

Merle said it was actually Space 1999. Stupid me. I don't even think I was around yet was I?

Merle just said "could you imagine watching that show now?"
I bet the effects would be bad.

Merle remembers you opening that thing for christmas, he must have been around six, and the top part was missing, and you were both so upset. But you wouldn't let them take it back.

Is your memory as good as merles? You are going to be the big 4-0 this year, haha

Rob A. said...

Hey Candace!
How could I forget that toy. Yes it was an eagle from space 1999 and the cockpit was missing but I didn't care.
This picture is from 2001 a space odessy.
Happy 30 kiddo! I'll check out the photos this weekend!