Monday, February 27, 2006

Calling Sky Captain

I know it didn't make a lot of money and not many critics liked it but there is something about this film that sticks with me. It was an ambitious work done by a first time film maker who loved what he was doing. Paramount didn't come in until quite late in the production.
Growing up and watching old movie serials that would play on TV and old WW2 movies have given me a love of 1930's-40's design work. I think this film more than most captured that essence. Both in the way the story was told - like in the old serials, sometimes events don't make sense- and the look of the time.
If the editing were but a little faster I could have believed it was from the past.


Troy Little said...

I quite liked the movie. Campy and all style. I've been wanting to watch it again and now I think I just may go do that.

You wield such power of influence!

Rob A. said...

I love cheese!

Michael Valiquette said...

I love lamp.

Rob A. said...

I love traffic lights