Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not Much

Well.. Didn't get the job at Lucas Film. Always the bridesmade as they say. I was the runner up or so they led me to believe.
No worries. Keeping busy making a Christmas card at the moment. Here is the beginning of it.
Still need to work on me as a Hobbit. I call it, " Merry Holidays from the inn of the Thirsty Moose in the Village of Carleton Place". Kind of long but fun.

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Candace Steeves said...

That is too bad about the job at Lucas films. Maybe they are saving you for the LA studio?
Great card. the girls look great, you on the other hand had me laughing my butt off here at work. I swear they all think I'm crazy.

I will be talking to you soon I am sure, Boxing Day when all the family decends. Have a merry christmas!