Friday, October 14, 2005

Fun with gelatin

We found this lovely cook book called Davis, Dainty Dishes. Davis is the name of the gelatin company. The book was first printed in 1922.... The version we found is from the 1950 reprint. With photos of some of the better recipe's!!

Above you can see an artists rendition of the largest gelatin factory in the world. In Sydney Aus. Here is a new fact just discovered, "Over 2,500 employees produce ca. 75,000 tons of gelatin every year, nearly 28 % of the worldmarket" From their website. This means that the world consumes 267 thousand tons of gelatin a year. My god....

recipe number one: Windsor Sausage in Jelly.
Spam, boiled egg, onion, nutmeg and an IRON CONSTITUTION!

This one's good.
Notice how the overcooked noodles separate the spam from the - I can only assume- tomatoes? Looks like an autopsy gone terribly wrong.

This one was so hideous that they felt an artistic representation was more palatable. The artist ,sadly, is no longer sane. The name you ask? Salmon in Jelly of course!
Kind of looks like a face don't it?
If someone REALLY wants a complete recipe I will do what I can to write it down. Can't.... Now.... Tooo... Weak...


Candace Steeves said...

Oh my gosh, Rob - You made me laugh so hard I cried! And here I am sitting at work, crying. Oh well that was a good one, about the iron constitution. Those pictures are so gross!!! Was there any good recipies in it? I told Merle to check out your blog. It's a good one.

Rob A. said...

" good' recipe's for gelatin? I shall steal myself and try and find some for you! As long as you promise not to make any for me!

Heather Steeves said...

Hi Rob,

You've given me some great recipe ideas for the next "family reunion"!! Love the gelatin recipe with the face ha ha! Could be a keeper do you think??