Saturday, July 16, 2005

Comic con day 1

Man I'm beat. I got here yesterday afternoon and went strait through till midnight. Awake for 26 hours but I feel great today. There are so many cool people here. All freindly. Met a bunch of ex-disney animators that have struck out on their own. Great art! I'm going to end up spending too much money.
Hooked up with my freinds Ted, Nate and Simon. Man it was great to see them again. They really inspire me.
The Con is huge! Too much to see but I'll do my best. Didn't take nearly enough photos yesterday but I plan to take a lot more today.
I think whenmy kids are a little older I'll take the whole gang here. there are a lot of kids. It's neat to think that some day some of them may go on to create a comic or film or something. For me that's what makes everything worthwhile. To help inspire another generation of creative minds!

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